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Cakes are such a sweet that everybody likes. Now without a cake no party or occasion is considered complete. A cake is always a centre of attraction in every party. The history of cake is very old and strong. From the soft sponge cake it becomes the creamy now. Cake is such a dessert which makes the mouth watering. We can now see cake in the birthday parties, anniversaries, retirements, graduation party and many more occasions. This brings the joy in the party. There is always a cake for a person. Now you can choose the cake according to your taste. Earlier the cake was only the status symbol but now it become very common. It is really easy to buy cake. By just choosing the cake of your own taste can make your party more enjoyable. Cakes!! Cakes!! Cakes!!, either it is a Christmas or it is new years eve. Cake is everywhere; if you want to express your feelings to other then it is the right way to express it. It does not need words to express feeling with the cake. No matters if you are small kid or 70-80’s years oldie. Cake will really bring the happiness on your faces. Cake basically made of eggs but now there are many substitutes of the cakes are available. The people those who are allergic to egg can order the eggless cake. The taste of both the cakes is same. So, whenever you think you want to have cake without egg can have it also. We are making the cakes for many years and we have cake for every occasion. It does not matter for whom you are buying a cake we have every option for you. We are stop where you can end your search of the best cakes. We make the cakes that are baked with the best quality of the ingredients. Every order delivered by us is completely fresh. After all our customers are always first for us.

Chocolate cake, butterscotch cake, vanilla cake, pineapple cake, strawberry cake, fruit cake are some of the cakes that people usually order on the birthday parties and for other events. But our fresh and spongy date cakes and plums cakes are always ordered by those people who want to present it to other. Cake can become the good present and also the return gift. Cakes just brings the smiles on the faces of the people and we are the lucky those who get the chance to bring the smiles on the faces of the people. We have the special cakes for the kids which make their birthdays more special. We specially make the cartoon cakes for the children so that they can enjoy their birthday party. Other than this we also have theme based cakes which a customer can customize by themselves. But now a day’s photo fix cakes are becoming more famous among the people. They can express their love to someone or make someone feel special. Thus our photo fix cakes are now in more demand.

Delicious birthday cake for kids

Get delicious cakes for your kids; As we have a great variety of the cakes that you can get here. For kids we have lots of the options. If it is your kids first birthday, you are wondering how to make it more special. Do not worry, we have a great options for you. You can just click on the cake you like for your kid and this will deliver that cake to you. Either it is 1st birthday, 2nd birthday or 16th birthday we have cake for all the birthdays. Making the wish of the customers come true here on our online store. By keeping the interests of the kids we make the cartoon cakes. We know kids like the cartoon and what if your child got a surprise by getting cartoon cake of his favourite cartoon character. We have lots of the options of the Mickey Mouse cake, minion’s cake, doremon cake, funny smurfs cake, Ben ten cake and many cake options for your kid. All of our cakes are freshly baked. We never compromise with the quality of the cakes. We are delivering the happiness in the form of cake at your doorsteps. If the cake which you want for your kid is not online then you can also customise your cake and tell us what you want. So, choose the best cake for your kid.

Our delicious cream cakes and the fondant cakes will surely make you to get what you see online. We know it is your kids birthday, thus we do every possible thing to make it more special. Photo fix cake, three tier cake, designer cake, semi fondant cake and many more cake are there which you can choose for your lovely kid. These are not the end of the things for the check list. We have a great variety in the flavours of the cake. If your kids love the butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, mango, pineapple, strawberry, red velvet, coffee, dark forest and white forest cake then we have all of those here.

Multi-tier anniversary cakes

Multi-tier wedding cakes and anniversary cakesWedding is the most important ceremony. Every person want that all will remember their wedding.  But there should be something in the wedding which could become centre of attraction and that centre of attraction is always a wedding cake. Now cakes have become the important part in the weddings. It is said that wedding cake symbolises the good fortune and fertility. Thus now cakes are very important in the weddings. No wedding ceremony is not considered complete without cake. We make the theme based wedding cakes for you. Couples specially order our cakes for their wedding. Couple cakes, multi-tier cake and many more cakes. Here you can also customise your cakes. Many people love to see their love story on the cakes. Thus to refresh their love memories it is always good to order online cake. Our online service makes you easy to choose the best cake for your wedding. Our wedding cakes are made of the fresh fondant, semi- fondant and cream also. The amazing eye catching wedding cake can become the centre piece of your wedding.

After the wedding anniversary is such an occasion that every person celebrate to remind their memories of uniting. People celebrate their every wedding anniversary with great joy and happiness. But as we know no party or any occasion is compete without our wedding anniversary cake. Either it is first anniversary or 25th anniversary or 50 years of getting married to each other. We make every anniversary special. If you are away from your loving partner then no need to worry. Now just by single click you can send delicious anniversary cake to your loved one. Such thing will surely bring the big smile on the face of the couple. What if your doorbell rang and there is a delivery boy with having a cake box in his hand. Such is really a nice feeling that your partner has ordered a cake for wedding ceremony. No need to worry if your love is not with you. You will surely get their love in the form of cake on your special day.

Nobody ever forget such kind of the memories. Let your love always remains in your life with our yummy cakes.

Midnight cake delivery

There are many those who want to give surprises to their loved one and surprises can happen anytime. How nice is that if it is your special day and you are getting surprised on that day. It really a very nice moment that always captures in your brain. This always very nice to get surprised from your closed one. We are here for you to make surprises more special. We are delivering the happiness from by providing the midnight service. We deliver all kinds of the cakes anytime when you want in midnight. When your loved one will open the door they will get the superb surprise on their birthday, anniversary or any other occasion. Many times we are not with our someone special and on their special occasion, you want to give them a surprise. We usually miss that moment and do not want our special one to get disappointed. But people wonder how they can make their moment special. Sending freshly baked cakes at their doorstep in the midnight will surely make than to get the best surprise ever. This never let them feel your absence and always there alive in your heart. Most of the people sometimes think how a cake available at midnight could. We make it possible for them. They do not have to worry about anything because everything is now online. You just have to go online and click on the cake which you like. Make just addons which you want on your cake and we will deliver it to you. If it is 12 at night and it is your birthday. Suddenly doorbell rings then that bell will come will lot of the surprises for you.

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