Cancellation and refund policy

We know how much you items matters for you, thus we always try to deliver those at right time or before it. But if at any point you think you need to change or modify your product then you cn do it anytime. The order which you have placed for the same day delivery that order cannot be modified or cancelled. We always try to let your order placed at the right time. However if you want cancellation or modification then you may contact us or email us on our email id. So that we have not started preparing your order then we can cancel it or modify it. But if your order has been dispatched then we cannot modify it.

If you want to claim your refund then it is necessary to do it within 48 hours. Once your order has been courier you will do not get any refund.

For cancellation you must have to give us some details about your item like

  • Order number
  • Reason of cancellation
  • Account details for refund

We will refund in the following cases:

  1. When order has gone for the cancellation.
  2. If due to any reason we are not able to deliver your full order, some of the items will be missing then we will let you know and refund you all payment in the possible given time.
  3. If we get any complaint about the product regarding its quality or there is any kind of the fault then we will do our best to deliver the same thing otherwise refund their amount as soon as possible.

We will refund the amount in that very account from where we have received the payment within 7-10 working days.

To get the refund a customer has to provide their account details when they cancel the order.

Refund on Gifts: The refunds on the gift cancellations depends upon that what gift that you have choose is that have any exchange policy on it. If not that we will refund its amount in instantly. It will take one to two weeks to refund that amount.

 If the customer has refusing for the acceptance of the product, such kind of the unsuccessful deliveries will also not refunded at any cost.

If the product is not handled properly or it quality decreases in that case also refund is not possible.

Any discounted amount on the amount will not be refunded.

There will be the cancellation charges if you want to cancel any product or an item.

We will also not refund if the order delivered to the wrong address given by the sender. Thus always recheck the delivery address for hassle free delivery.

Make sure we will not exceed the amount of the refund as the actual amount paid by you for placing an order.

Personalised items cannot be cancelled and its amount will not be refunded until unless you do not take the immediate action by intimating us through phone or email.

We will amend our cancellation and refund policy from time to time. Thus every customer should read it while placing an order. We might use your personal information and we will notify you through an email.

We are the more trusted website thus we make our registered users to cancel or modify their product anytime. We have all our policies for your and our ease. If any of you have any question or query related to our policies or any product you can simply call us or send un an email. We would love you if you could give us suggestions to improve our services.