Privacy Policy

We are the only owner of the information and the products on this website. We value the trust that you do on us thus we focus more on the secure transactions that you do. Please read the following statements to know about our information gathering and propagation practice.

Note: We can change our privacy policy without any prior notice. Make sure you always read the privacy policy before placing any order.

When you visit our website then you will be agree to our terms and conditions. If you have any problem or an issue with any term or condition then you may not use our website. By the use of our website you will be definitely have the permission to our use our services and share your personal details according to our privacy policy.

Collection of personal information and other important information

When you start visiting our website we usually collect the different information from you. That information of surveys is only to provide you the best service according to your need. Our main goal is the provide you the secure, efficient, easy smooth, and customised service. We make your experience safer by customising our services according to your need. The main purpose behind collecting your personal information is that after that you will not be anonymous to us. We are familiar about you and if possible then also provide the information about the different fields.

From the first time when you visit our website if you provide us your some details like valid email id, name, phone number, address etc. you will be the registered user of our website. This makes you to browse all the sections of our website which you will not able to browse as a guest user.


Cookies are the small flies which are stored in the computer. Which we can later by read. This is specifically designed for the browsers. Cookies enable helps the browser to remember the specific information given by the use. We have enable both the permanent and temporary cookies.

Legal Disclaimer of sharing of the information

We have many corporate associates of our business with whom we share some details. Those are our corporate entities. Thus we may share your personal information. This is just not for marketing purpose. Your information may be disclosed to the third parties if required that is all done in the lawful means. That disclosure is necessary for to respond the court orders and other legal process. We share to the third party owners and other in the good faith belief that this disclosure is enforces our terms and conditions.

External links on our website

You can find many external links on your website, which make ask for your personal information. We are not responsible for all those practices and content mentioned on those links.


We are really very strict related to the security measures. All the information about the user will keep safe here. Whenever any of the users want to change the password or any other account information we make them to do it safely. Once your information in under our possession you do not have to worry because we follow all the guidelines for the protection of your services.

Privacy statement changes

If we decide to do changes on our website related to our privacy policy we can post it anytime on the privacy policy of the home page. You will come to know about the changes by reading this page or we will notify you by sending email or notify on the home page.